Come Enjoy Our Prince Rupert Salmon Fishing Charters Based in Northern BC

Your day on the water with Prince Rupert Fishing Charters

Your day fishing with Prince Rupert Fishing Charters in “the Great White” starts out at times between 6 am to 7 am depending on conditions or an agreed time of departure. We will meet at the docks as instructed and once aboard the boat head out of Prince Rupert harbour and drop the crab traps off for a treat at the end of the day. Then we are on our way to the fishing grounds anywhere from 1hr to 1.5 hrs away. Upon arrival at the fishing hot spots we will start our fishing for salmon, halibut or rockfish in preference and conditions permitting. While on your fishing trip you will be pleasantly surprised on a good day that limiting out happens often on my fishing charters. Towards the end of your great day fishing and once you have your catch of the day I will clean and bag your fish onboard the Great White or at a cleaning table back in at the dock. On our way back from fishing we will stop to pick up the crab traps and after a quick stop at the marine station for refuelling you will be dropped off at the same dock we left in the morning.If this is the kind of experience you are looking for in a fishing vacation I am just a phone call or e-mail away to make it happen. I am confident that after you have been treated to a quality fishing charter with me you will become one of my many fishing Guests. 90% of my business is from repeat guests.
Ted Frohlich.

Diverse Fish Population and Species information

Nutrient-rich upwellings support an abundant and diverse fish populataion in Prince Rupert and surrounding waters. Having discovered the thrill of landing a barn-door sized halibut, visitors to Prince Rupert are coming in increasing numbers to fish for this favourite flat fish, and to test their skill with other species. No matter the day, you are always assured of a catch, which may include quillback rockfish, china rock fish, black rock fish and tiger fish, as well as ling cod and red snapper (red cod), which are also tasty favourites. You can always be assured of a catch.

Want to try Crabbing in Prince Rupert

Want to try some fresh crab? Ask us about dropping a crab pot on your way out, and hauling in your fresh catch at the end of the day. Best crabbing in May, June and September. Limits and conditions may apply.

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